Be happy. “open heart”

T.L. came to me after two cancellations of previous bookings, and was looking pale and unhappy.

She bought a deal for footmassage, and it was my colleague who took her.

After the treatment, she told me where she had felt pain during the treatment in her feet. And I explained her why and told her her potential health problems. She was surprised to hear all what I was saying: they’re true! Since I can find her problems without asking, she decided to continue the treatment.

Few days later, she came again for her first treatment in the treatment package. As a routine, I asked how she had felt after last treatment.

Replied her:” I was feeling good, and for the first time in a long period of time, I really laughed that evening when seeing my kids’ drawings. I haven’t been laughing like that for soooo long.” continued her:” so, I really feel good.”


After several treatments, she looked better and better on her face. She seemed to be happier, and repeatedly, she told me:” I cry much less now, not like before. I feel happier.”

She also told me abit about her current life situation, and I realised it’s not easy for her. However, she still seems happy even when telling me the tough life. I started to really notice her grow of happiness.

In Chinese characters, we have different ways to express “happy”, one of which is ” open heart” (开心.开 means open, 心 means heart.).

When we can “open our hearts”, we’re happy, or even happier.  We accept more things when we open our hearts; we’re more tolerant when opening our hearts; and we’re positive when we decide to open our hearts.

However, sometimes, our hearts are unconciously closed due to the imbalance of our body, as a negative result of our daily lives. Every possible tiny factor can be the reason, and even the enviroment outside of our body.  When the body is out of control, we need external help, that is treatment, to open the heart.

Clear the obstacles, and open every channel which is closed.

Wish us all know the way to “open the heart”, be happy, thus a healthier body can follow as a consequence.


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