IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, is a symptom-based diagnosis characterized by diarrhea, constipation, cramps, bloating, etc.These patterns are well documented in the annals of TCM: Spleen Qi Deficiency, Spleen Yang Deficiency, Damp Heat in the Large Intestine, Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Invades Spleen, and Liver Invades Stomach. Obviously, IBS is related to spleen and liver mostly according to TCM. The curing focus is smooth liver, nourish spleen, and balance their relation. 

In most cases, this can be greatly improved by 3 times of acupuncture and 7 days of herbal medicine. Follow-up treatments is required after a period of time to enable you the most stable stomoch:) 



TCM v.s Quitting Smoking

Long-term smoking will cause the change in your body on its quality and component.  Without a cigarette, you may just feel it’s the end of the life: irritated,anxious, body shaking, grief, restless,tired,often hungry, sweating, and etc. With a smoking of cigarette, these are all released, and you’re back to normal. However, this is just a temporary relax, soon the suffering comes back. You’re played by this vicious circle. You smoke more and more, be addicted.


Smoking creates ” heat” in the body; normally i say it’s a “fake energy””bad energy”. The uneasy “heat” goes in the body, like a moths trapped in a crystal small container put in a place full of light flying in all directions bombing  the inner surface of the container, radiating to all organization systems. It goes to the “lung”* : you have asthma, tumor in lung, chronic inflammation in lung or bronchus, allergy, and etc. It goes to the “Spleen”*: you have slam, feel often hungry,and etc. … Corresponding symptoms will show up when this “heat” reach certain place. This is the harm of smoking.

(*: this is an organization system, not just the signal organization.)


Traditional Chinese Medicine helps with quitting smoking. It both cures health symptoms caused by smoking and reduces the suffering from stop smoking. With the help of acupuncture together with herbal medicine, you won’t feel it so difficult when you try stop smoking, also your bad symptoms caused by smoking will gradually disappear. However, you should have the mindset that you should stop smoking, and actually do it. From the first day of acupuncture, you can feel the change and start controlling reducing smoking. The sincere you try, the better result you’ll get.


When it comes to TCM treatments, a frequent acupuncture will be requested. In addition, you should follow the doctor’s advice on herbal medicine. Please give yourself a longer term as 3-6 months on this that you can permanently quit smoking and live another lifestyle.