TCM v.s Breast Cancer

Currently in China, TCM is widely used to cure different types of cancer, together with western medicine, operation, radiation therapy and etc. Among all kinds of cancer, TCM has the most effect on breast cancer due to its special advantage in Gynecology.

In ancient TCM literature, breast cancer is mentioned as “ru yan” (literally translated in English: The hard stone in breast.).

“Toxicity” has been mentioned since then to describe the cause, development, and the metastasis. According to TCM, breast cancer is formed because of “liu ying fu du” and “qi qing yu du”, which can be simply explained as “toxicity accumulated by the outer environmental invasion” and” toxicity generated inside in the body due to improper emotional outbreak”. “Stagnation and its accumulation by bad fluid together with coldness” is the core reason that breast cancer develops. “The spreading of such stagnation and accumulation” is the reason for cancer metastasis. The treatment guidelines, based on the causes of breast cancer, are “ruan jian san jie”, “san jie pai du”, and “fu zheng chu xie”, which can be simply explained as “resolving the hardness”, “clearing the stagnation and dredging the flow”, and “detox and strengthen the body resistance”.


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